Adapt. Evolve. Consume.

I was born in the year of 83. Growing up, I learned the art of creating mixtapes, playing Nintendo and other arcade games. The closest to iPods were Walkmans and then portable CD players. No pay per view, at the beginning only two TV channels, that came up to four when I was starting my pre-adolescence. We spent much time playing football outside, drawing in paper sheets and playing hide and seek.

As time past, I watched all types of marvelous things come up. MP3 players, Playstations, laptops, mobile cell phones (oh boy, Nokia did some good job back then), cable TV. And after that, iPod’s and tablets, smartphones, smart TV’s. Top notch Internet connections and wireless devices. Smart watches, app’s to remind us when to do things, to get us doctors appointments…

At the first glance, this might sound like it caused in me one of two feelings: fear or enthusiasm. Well, being tech-savvy I can say that enthusiasm won. But it came with a price. I had to learn three things:

Adapt – The world around us changes constantly by the second. Not all new things will remain and it’s the law of the jungle when it comes up to that. Only the best ones survive. Like companies, we have to learn how to adapt. Adapt is the art of dealing with something new, learn its purpose and use it to fit it in your life. We adapt every day. We adapt to schedules, jobs, trends, life commitments. We can do it naturally. It might come as a hard process, but to adapt is the key to grow stronger;

Evolve – They might seem the same, but they’re not. To evolve is to develop new skills, to pick up something we didn’t possess fully and make it grow and work. We evolve throughout History. From the invention of the wheel and the dominance of fire to the Industrial Age or the computer creation, Men acquired new skills and features. It’s like we were improving ourselves. From Men 1.0 to Men 3.0, we are gaining some skills but growing weaker in others. The constant use of computers and digital equipment is leading to the art of bad handwriting. Evolving comes with two things: creating and erasing. We create this new set of things in us, with the pass of time or the recurrent use of something, but we tend to erase from our lives some things that become obsolete. Be careful to not turn important things into obsolete ones. Evolve your social skills but don’t let the art of silence and time alone to go obsolete and thrown away;

Consume – Consume is the key word for today. Most of what we see are things to consume. Either to our own satisfaction or need, the focus on consuming is stronger these days. This comes because our society grew too quickly without having time to adapt and evolve itself in the process. So consuming is like the keyword. If you’re not consuming the latest trend, you’re becoming far behind and obsolete. I used to listen to a metal band called Fear Factory. I remember they had something that pretty resumes what I mean to say right now. It goes like this:


Man is obsolete!
Our world, obsolete!
Man is obsolete!
Erased, extinct!

Excessive consume will lead to dependence and to the crush of your own being. It tears relations apart, divides families, cuts real presence social tights… We get addicted to something, we search it for consuming over and over. End there and we’re obsolete and ready for extinction. Because materials and goods start to own us, instead of being otherwise. Let us not make the things dominate over mankind. Consume is to handle with care because things are not worth the value of losing humankind and relationships;

This generation isn’t lost. We can still overcome the debts we own due to this three steps process. Master and dominate these three steps wisely, go look for your Jedi master in this and become his/hers padawan. Engage with this culture like it is what it is: just another stage of time that will pass and make us come to a different process.

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