Sunday Night Thoughts #1

I’m not liking the 8th season of Blue Bloods. So far, it seems the guys who write the show just got dazed with good old fame’n’fortune, so they decided to start cutting corners to achieve success. One of the main reasons why I watch this show is the tension between serving society doing right and being righteous before God. It makes me deal with the same issue, I mean… I deal with the same issue every day at home, at work, at church, wherever I go. Doing right by social accounts or laws doesn’t always imply being righteous before God. You see, whenever society stands for things that disconnect God and Men (like for instance, slavery or ravaging economics), we’re forced to choose between what’s right and what’s righteous. That reminds me of the faceoff that John and Peter had with the Sanhedrin. Long story short, they were intimidated and threatened because they preached the Gospel. So, the Jewish leaders decided to forbid them of spreading the message, something that came to zilch. Facing the Sanhedrin, both answered:

Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than God, you judge. For we are not able to not be speaking the things which we saw and heard” Acts 4,19 DLNT

While facing the opposition of Jewish religious leaders, John and Peter choose to be righteous rather than right. They were forced to choose between obeying God or obeying men, something that comes to us as a struggle on a daily basis. Each day the line is drawn and we have to choose: how can I serve God, while serving others, in the midst of a society that keeps falling short of God’s grace?

The answer is given by Peter and John. To serve God, serving others, one must obey first their conscience and go forward to pursue righteousness, rather than to be right. Being right doesn’t mirror God’s grace in our lives, neither does it act like a speechless testimony before others. But being righteous screams with silent words the name of God, His passion for us and for His creation. Righteousness is a gift from Christ, something that we can’t buy and that society can’t offer us. It might come a moment where being right and be righteous are the same. But when in doubt, the call of Christ is for us to act like Him, just like Paul wrote:

Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11,1 DLNT


The (not so) occult of today

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Ever wondered about the mass engagement of horror, gore and occult films and tv shows today? From vampires to zombies, all that used to scare the heck out of us when we were kids, is nowadays kind of franchised and delivered (almost) to kindergarten ages. I use to watch Disney Junior with my son. There’s a couple of cartoons that we really enjoy watching and parenting is spending quality time with your kids. So, when we were watching yesterday Tsum-Tsum episodes, can tell if it was before or after, a promo of a new cartoon popped up. And it deals with a family of vampires, one of which is a girl and gets go befriend another girl, after moving from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. Makes me wonder… As Church are we still so intrigued with the theories of the occult today (as we were back in the 80/90’s) to the point of neglecting what’s happening right in front of us? Or are we well aware that things like witchcraft or pure, simple gore are being delivered to us, beating our mind until we get senseless enough to despise another human being life?

It’s really a mystery you know? We get to grab so much information these days, that when we come across a catastrophe (like those recent storms and earthquakes) we just lower our head, shrug our shoulders and go adrift with it. We’re beaten senseless within an inch of our lives with so much chaos, death, and evil. A quote from Dawn of the Dead just popped in my mind: “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead shall walk the Earth“. Are we understanding that the so-called occult isn’t that much occult nowadays? There’s so much going on outside our homes, that we just drive by and don’t get affected. You just don’t need to go wandering for the Philosophers Stone or secret conspiracy theories. Evil happens in your face daily. In our face. And goes directly into our hearts and minds through our tv’s, computers, etc. Isn’t this causing us to miss our goal in life?

I mean, our mission as Church is to glorify God and worship Him on a daily basis. But we can’t let something out of sight. We are called to bring light into darkness (Matthew 5:14), to shine and show the way, the truth and the life. All these three are found in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). We’re called to preach salvation through Jesus Christ. And gory enough that process was since it led Him to be beaten, tortured and executed like a criminal. That should be enough. More than enough really. But still, we can’t get past the need for violence and mistery that plagues our mind. Because we still sin and sin feed us like honey. Otherwise, if sin was sour, we wouldn’t sin again. So let us remind of Isaiah 53. One as already paid the price for us, with drops of blood and sweat, with tears and scars. But resurrected to trample death and give us eternal life. And if you’re into mysteries, let Harold Finch advise you:

If you really need a mystery, I recommend the human heart.
– Harold Finch, Person of Interest, Season 1, Episode 22



So, let’s get started on an “in your face” approach. I started Freecoded because writing in English is a way to get to more people. Now, I really don’t “work” for the numbers or anything like that. But spreading the Gospel to a more broad base of readers is always a plus. So, what do I intend to do with this blog? Mainly, to communicate the Gospel with references and “things” that post-post-modern (or millennials if you rather) understand. Communicating properly within a certain age or to a certain audience is like coding. You need to understand what you want to say and how to say it to the receiver. You need to “code” your message, not to be secret or unknowable, but to be better understood by those who “speak and listen” that kind of language.

And because nowadays references go from Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones, along with The Avengers or 13 Reasons Why, I’ll be dealing with all sorts of questions here.

My goal isn’t to annihilate or alienate people. But differences do exist and sparks may come out of this campfire. Because that’s how I would like you all to read this: like we’re sitting around a campfire, roasting something to eat and talking among us with love and grace, but also with fairness and truth.

Hope you can sit around and be part of this.

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