Hy! My name is Ricardo. I’m happily married and father of a boy. To earn a living, I work as an IT Technician at the Portuguese Catholic University. Besides family and computers, I’ve been a fan of comics and like to cook some snacks for family and friends. So, how did I end up writing about Theology, Philosophy, and sorts? Well, it kind of blossomed when I was younger. I like to read (although I don’t read at the same speed and recollection as I used to) and try to keep up with the daily news. Having ministered in a teen-oriented ministry named BSteen, I had to learn to talk to younger people and teach them the core doctrines of Christianity. At the same time, this experience led me to understand the human struggles and doubts.   So, Freecoded is all about dealing with doubts, fears, and certainties. But written in a way that those not familiar with Theology can understand and apply to their lives. Besides that, I’m 34 years old, my favorite football teams are Benfica, Arsenal, Rangers, AC Milan, Barcelona, Monaco, Ajax and Dortmund.
I read essentially about Theology, Philosophy, Economics and Politics, but good classics like Moby Dick or The Player are rooted in my heart. As of some time, I decided to recruit some new members to Freecoded, in order to have fresh looks and perspectives on things I can’t cover (due to time or other motifs). So, as long as they are coming, we’ll be introducing them.

SNC Astro - Photo

Photography & Astronomy

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

The Author Page of Historian Steve Dundas

pó de ser

a vida tem destas voltas estranhas, onde te prendes e te emaranhas. – Susana Félix

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The Story of Christianity from 30 to 451 A.D.

Scripture Thoughts

My Thoughts from Bible Reading and Bible Study, as a Historic/Classic (Covenantal) Premillennialist

humble Theology

The humble theology of Dr. John Leonard for everyday walking with God


Ancient Christian Earth-Keeping

The Millennial Fiat

To all our sisters, welcome.

Samuel Antunes

Teologia e História

Reflections from Beyond My Doorstep

Journeying Through Life in Southern Europe

Green Baggins

Reformed theology

Tolle Lege

Take up and read!


A Reformed Theology Blog

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Apokatastasis is but the gospel of Christ’s absolute and unconditional love sung in an eschatological key

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Theology Forum

Serving the joyful cultivation of the theological craft for the life of the church: inquiring honestly, deliberating wisely, acting faithfully

Christian Theology

A team Blog on traditional Christian thought in the midst of an innovative cultural mood.

Theology + Movies

Ad hoc reflections on cinematic depth

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